Training Program

Community-Based Residential Facility training gives recipents immediate job skills.
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CBRF Training

CBRF Training Program Description

Medication Administration

CBRF Medication Administration involves ways to observe and manage self-administration of medication while being familiar with benefits and side effect of medications.

Standard Precautions

CBRF Standard Precautions: involve prevention of disease transmission, providing safety to self and clients.

First Aid

CBRF First Aid: includes basic first aid, choking safety, bleeding, shock and information regarding cardiac emergencies and heat and cold emergencies.

Fire Safety

CBRF Fire Safety: includes how to identify and respond to fire emergencies, fire hazards and evacuation procedures. Other emergencies also covered are tornadoes, etc.

Resident Rights

Resident Rights  involves learning about rights of residents as well as grievance procedures.



Challenging behaviors: teaches individuals about how to recognize potential behavioral situations and learn techniques to de-escalate the situation.

Minimum Requirements: 
High School Diploma or Equivalent

Upon completion CRBF registry is updated in 48 hours.

CBRF Program Costs

Job Center of Wisconsin Approved

KGSCTC;s CBRF Training Program is approved by the Dept. Of Workforce Development and FoodShare Employment & Training.  

FREE CBRF Training when taken through FSET or DWD. 

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